The Clear Harbor Value System

The Clear Harbor Value System guides our thinking and supports our key objective to make a difference in the lives of everyone touched by Clear Harbor, including our clients and their customers, our associates, our partners and our communities.
The Clear Harbor Value System is based on six principles:
  • Honesty and integrity in client, partner and associate relationships
  • Action on all commitments carried out with urgency and accountability
  • Respect for associates as the foundation for client value delivery
  • Balance between work and life for family harmony and stability
  • Opportunity for associates and communities through profitable operations
  • Responsibility to do what is right and fair for all involved
These values serve as the cultural mooring points of our business, reminding us of what matters most in our relationships and giving us a common set of standards against which to continually evaluate our programs and systems, including planning, recognition, measurement and compensation.
They guide us in determining which future clients match up best with Clear Harbor culture and suggest character traits and choices our associates can embrace to better serve the people they interact with each day.

Making a Difference
with Clear Harbor Cares

Clear Harbor Cares is an ongoing, privately-funded philanthropic organization created to uplift and support members of the communities in which Clear Harbor operates.
Contact Clear Harbor Cares at .
Local Clear Harbor Cares team members work closely with community leaders to identify needs, coordinate financial resources and promote volunteer efforts associated with endeavors that include...
  • Children's welfare, well-being and education
  • A vibrant arts community
  • Community responsibility and volunteerism
  • Sports sponsorships and healthy lifestyles
  • Emergency preparedness and relief