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Strategy and Brand Mirroring
for Customer Care

Clear Harbor developed strategy and brand mirroring to solve the problems of outsourcing that span all shores of delivery, foreign and domestic.
Strategy and brand mirroring is the most effective approach for direct and indirect customer care response and services. It enables precise reflection of client business strategies and brand identity, including CX objectives, internal processes and functions.
Strategy and brand mirroring lets Clear Harbor leaders and associates plan, think and perform like client stakeholders across all programs, levels and work types.
Strategic mirroring and extension is more than outsourcing. It requires…
  • Deeper strategic immersion and matching
  • Closer collaboration and alignment across dimensions (internally and externally)
  • Stronger talent selection and indoctrination
  • Faster understanding and performance adjustment with meticulous visual management
  • Superior continuous learning and improvement culture
In developing and delivering this approach, Clear Harbor’s focus is always to create a clear reflection and premium extension of the client’s business model and aspirations, mirrored within Clear Harbor, that lives the brand, and performs as good as or better than the original.
Clear Harbor achieves these goals for our clients while providing the lowest total cost of brand ownership (TCBO).

Stop Outsourcing.

Start Mirroring.

Customer-oriented companies with high standards of brand integrity, customer satisfaction and operational excellence benefit from the strategy and brand mirroring disciplines that comprise Clear Harbor Clear Reflection Services.