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You are Clearly EXTRAORDINARY!

We are Clearly Hiring!

Work for Clear Harbor and you will never have the chance to be “ordinary.” Our rapid growth in support of new clients means we need exceptional individuals looking for not just a job but a CAREER in customer service.

No previous experience required—we teach you

Clear Harbor is one of the very few institutions that do not require previous experience. We provide the necessary training.

Clear Harbor promotes from within

We pride ourselves on promoting from within. Most of our current supervisors and managers started off as agents.

Leadership training

Clear Harbor provides leadership training on all levels of the business.

Personal and professional growth opportunities

We care about our employees and work to provide excellent opportunities for personal development and professional growth including learning how to manage emotions, how to compete without being aggressive, and how to deal with schedules and structure. We also help you sharpen your interpersonal, communication, and language skills.

Friendly environment

We run our business in a professional but friendly environment with a relaxed dress code.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Is there opportunity for growth at Clear Harbor?
Clear Harbor provides great opportunity for upward mobility. Most of the support staff in the company started out as agents.
Are there any age restrictions for employment?
The minimum age to work at Clear Harbor is 18. Additionally, there is no age discrimination at Clear Harbor. We do, however, expect all applicants to be able to maneuver a computer system.
Is transportation to and from work provided?
Transportation is provided for shift ending after 7 pm, and provided for any Sunday shifts to/from the office at this time.
Can I attend a physical education facility and still work?
Due to the required flexibility needed to work at Clear Harbor, attending tertiary education at a physical location may be prohibitive due to shift schedules.
What are your hours of operation?
Clear Harbor call center hours at St. Vincent are currently from 8 am to 10 pm.
What is the duration of a typical shift?
We current offer eight-hour shifts with two days off that may be non-consecutive.
Does Clear Harbor hire part-time?
Currently, Clear Harbor only offers full-time positions.
Do I have to work on weekends?
Flexibility is a key employment requirement at Clear Harbor. You may be assigned a shift which includes weekend work.

Here's what our agents say about working at Clear Harbor...

I really admire the professionalism of the business. It is flexible and there is room for new opportunities here. Of course, I would tell persons to apply to Clear Harbor because I know there are a lot of great opportunities for Everyone who would love to apply.
Working at Clear Harbor has made me look at dealing with and talking to others differently. Coworkers are always willing to assist and look out for each other. There is always room for improvement as we have QA coaches and supervisors to guide us. I would advise others to apply to Clear Harbor because it will certainly transform them. The training is AWESOME!!!! You learn a whole lot of new things!!

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Extraordinary Beliefs

Clear Harbor provides a culture for collaboration and team focus, encouraging growth and learning through an open exchange of ideas.
“Every person has vision.” — Each team member has the opportunity to bring ideas to the table for getting work done in new and creative ways, enhancing the company’s vision and performance.
“Life is in the journey.” — Each day should deliver a new challenge, from resolving customer issues to improving operational efficiency, driving results and helping others be at their best.
“Big performance = big reward.” — Clear Harbor has a culture of recognizing and rewarding employees that conquer professional challenges and develop a mastery level understanding of the client brand.
“Learning is a lifetime practice.” — Clear Harbor leaders place great value on perpetual learning. Every team member is not only a student but has the potential to be a teacher and a mentor to others.

Extraordinary Jobs and Programs

Clear Harbor supports some of America’s most recognized consumer brands with career opportunities in customer care, back-office administration, quality assurance, work force management IT, learning and development, and other areas.
Many of our existing employees began as customer service agents and progressed into supervisor, manager and program manager positions.

Extraordinary Values

The Clear Harbor Value System guides our thinking and supports our goal of making a difference in the lives of everyone touched by Clear Harbor, including our clients and their customers, our associates and our communities.
The Clear Harbor Value System is based on six principles:
  • Honesty and integrity in client, partner and associate relationships
  • Action on all commitments carried out with urgency and accountability
  • Respect for associates as the foundation for client value delivery
  • Balance between work and life for family harmony and stability
  • Opportunity for associates and communities through profitable operations
  • Responsibility to do what is right and fair for all involved

Be at Clear Harbor Today

Be a highly trained customer care agent or back-office services specialist with competencies in today’s most advanced business technologies. Be courageous in resolving complex customer issues. Be proficient in meeting and exceeding key performance metrics. Be more than you are today by working for a company that appreciates and rewards your effort and initiative. Be Clearly Extraordinary.
— St. Vincent Current Openings —

Customer Service Agent

Clear Harbor has an immediate need for experienced, full-time Customer Service Agents to identify and resolve customer concerns
and provide helpful information to customers while serving as the voice of a client brand.

Responsibilities include:

  • Deliver world-class customer service by identifying customer concerns and asking clarifying questions to aid in efficient problem resolution
  • Display patience and tolerance while addressing diverse and difficult customer issues in a timely, pleasant and accurate manner
  • Resolve customer/client problems and internal issues quickly, urgently and professionally
  • Meet and exceed quality, customer satisfaction and performance goals in support of the client’s brand

Requirements include:

  • Prior customer service experience is a plus
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, time management, computer literacy, demonstrated customer orientation, active listening and empathy
  • Demonstrated ability to consistently achieve performance goals over time
  • High School Diploma or 3 CESCs and English A required; English B, IT, Office Admin, two-year college degree or higher is a plus

Associate Trainer

Clear Harbor is looking to immediately hire an enthusiastic, full-time trainer responsible for new-hire customer care training that ensures knowledge transfer, effortless call handling and KPI achievement in a dynamic contact center environment.

Responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate classroom and online training with clear communication and enthusiasm
  • Deliver customer service, language and skills training
  • Deliver assessments (quizzes, role-plays and observations) to measure learner proficiency
  • Certify customer care skills in classroom and practice sessions
  • Lead the transition from classroom to production work using a “nesting” process
  • Evaluate trainee performance and report results to leadership
  • Report missing elements in training to leadership with suggestions for improvement

Requirements include:

  • Six months of customer care experience; prior training and leadership experience preferred
  • Knowledge of team building, peer development, intermediate proficiency with Microsoft Office
  • Excellent oral and written communication, change management skills
  • High School Diploma or 5 CESCs; Math and English A required; English B, IT and office admin preferred

Facilities Manager

Clear Harbor has an immediate need for an experienced, full-time Facilities Manager to oversee building maintenance, manage onsite custodians, security personnel and contractor relationships, and ensure a safe work environment for employees.

Responsibilities include:

  • Oversee general building and grounds upkeep, repairs, decor and maintenance
  • Prioritize and manage service requests from Clear Harbor team
  • Supervise custodial and security staff; administer third-party contractors and utility providers to ensure quality work and business continuity
  • Ensure efficient and lowest cost service model is in place with all vendors
  • Ensure the daily comfort, health and safety of employees and visitors
  • Ensure that facilities conform to all St. Vincent safety requirements

Requirements include:

  • Management and leadership experience required
  • Knowledge/ability to perform simple repair and maintenance work
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, results orientation, interpersonal awareness, and experience building collaborative relationships
  • High school diploma or 5 CESCs, Math and English A required; English B, Information Technology and Office Administration preferred
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel preferred

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