• Top TEN Clear Harbor Advantages

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  • Top TEN Clear Harbor Advantages

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Clear Harbor provides customer care services designed to mirror your company’s brand strategy and desired customer experience, delivered at the lowest total cost of brand ownership. Our Clear Reflection Services are re-imagined and re-engineered far beyond what traditional BPOs offer. We precisely reflect or exceed your standards for customer interaction and back-office functions.

Top TEN Advantages of Working with Clear Harbor


Lower Cost Without Costing Your Brand (Clear Mission)

Aldo Gucci once said, “The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of a cheap price has faded from memory.” At Clear Harbor we provide a brand enhancing service that is also nearshore and less expensive without compromising quality. Every component of our solution mirrors the high standards you have for your brand NOT just a cheap offshore price.


Brand-driven Implementation (Clear Path)

Our implementations build on information captured during our matching process to transition smoothly into a detailed, brand-focused implementation plan and timeline. By the time we sign a new client contract, we are already well down the path with important processes shaped by specific client goals, strategy, brand identity, work environment and culture, business approach and understanding of desired outcomes. Success is assured by on-time completion of critical path items, proactive review and interaction, and progress reporting to identify and mitigate risks.


Ideal, Nearshore Location and Circumstance Selection
(Clear Choice)

We carefully identify, select and cultivate operating locations where Clear Harbor is a major employer of choice, seeking areas with zero to very low competition and an ample supply of motivated candidates with a far greater longevity. This also allows us to hire from a labor pool with no “bad habits” to unlearn from traditional outsourcing. Additionally, we look for populations with minimal dialect, strong empathy, natural inclination toward problem-solving, and cultural similarity to U.S. consumers. Selection of safe, easy-access regions for client travel is also a high priority.


Relentless Collaborative Continuous Improvement
(Clear Orchestration)

Clear Harbor’s interactive management approach unifies learning and development, operations and quality experts into collaborative leadership teams. Our “no-silo” approach simplifies and accelerates the creation of action plans. Our Clear Orchestration™ methodology and meetings provide an ongoing forum for sharing and discussion of analytical insights, understanding of quality results, allocation of resources, and empowerment of agents with effective interaction skills.


Client Advisory Mindset, Methodology and Leadership (Clear Leadership)

Clear Harbor prefers clients that regularly seek our strategic input. Our leadership maturity and deep, cross-industry customer care experience give our leaders a unique perspective into improving processes and customer interactions. Our management team welcomes the opportunity to be involved at an advisory level and expects to be included in collaborative brainstorming and solution planning. Our entire management and supervisory team follows and teaches our C.L.E.A.R. (Care, Listen, Emphasize, Act, Reflect) daily mission, allowing our team to synchronize with your strategy and achieve your customer contact goals.


Institutionalized Evidence-based Brand Mirroring Protocols (Clear Protocol)

Clear Harbor keeps a repository of customer care methodologies, continuous improvement processes and best practices. As new practices are recognized, we work to make sure they are institutionalized and leveraged across all clients, if appropriate. Fine-tuning and calibration are constantly underway and visual management approaches help accelerate refinements, improve management consistency, guide new training regimens, shape proactive client feedback, and influence results.


C.L.E.A.R Agent Responsibility (Clear Responsibility)

At Clear Harbor everyone in the entire company has a C.L.E.A.R. mission. We establish a relentless pursuit to Care, to Listen, to Empathize, to Act and to Reflect before, during and after each encounter, session and interaction. Brand mirroring doesn’t happen by accident. To be clearly different from traditional outsourcing requires daily commitment to this mission. Our managers, supervisors and agents gain and maintain high quality performance through a deep understanding of our clients’ and their customers’ needs and expectations.


Agent Selection, Brand Synchronization and Retention (Clear Harmony)

Clear Harbor applies science-based selection and matching of agents and business process specialists to the brand, client and type of work to be performed. Our talent selection process is engineered around ideal psychological fit to task, team acceptance and mastery. We test for high-achievement, accomplished conversation, and out-of-the-ordinary thinking with strong empathy and desire to solve problems. Our goal is to achieve an optimal blend of personality, cultural fit, education/training, experience, values and acclimation to job content.


Cutting-Edge, Scientific Agent Development for Brand Expertise, Mastery and Improvement (Clear Expertise)

At Clear Harbor, agents are not trained to simply be proficient in taking a call or performing a repetitive task. Agents are developed to achieve a level of expertise and mastery that encompasses a broad learning capacity and understanding of the brand. This includes not only product knowledge and job skills but also the capability to fully understand their impact to the big picture and empowerment to use individual strengths and intuition to achieve a successful result. It requires a culture that is mastery-friendly, requiring more feedback and a specialized training approach emphasizing openness, competence and clear, bi-directional communication.


Reflection Technology
and Software Strategy

Our customer care IT strategy is optimized for reflecting a client’s technology needs and performance, encompassing fine-tuning and calibration between Clear Harbor and customer information systems. It allows for a tailored environment supporting unique business needs, best practices, privacy and security certifications, growth, change management and interoperability. Systems are designed to be flexible, open and scalable with world-class security, resiliency and business continuity. Clear Harbor software engineers develop elegant applications and tools that support a visual management approach to continuous improvement, performance tracking and analysis. Our technology supports and assists our C.L.E.A.R. mission.

A Guide to Understanding and Eliminating Outsourcing Risks

Our latest white paper, “Customer Care Innovation: The Case for Strategy and Brand Mirroring,” will help you begin developing a more effective approach to customer care and business process challenges.