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Warren Smay

Chief Technology Officer

Warren Smay has more than 30 years of experience in IT management and consulting, with special expertise in IT operations, MIS, software development, and IT compliance. Warren has a passion for leading innovative technology initiatives to solve problems, join disparate systems, make processes more accurate and efficient, open new business opportunities, and link information silos for greater visibility, management, and control.

The part of the role that is most rewarding to Warren, however, is understanding the ambitions of his tech team members, guiding their career progress, mentoring them, and helping them achieve their potential as IT professionals. Warren has a gift for connecting with his employees and building strong, interactive teams. He is Clear Harbor’s only U.S.-based IT employee – every other member of his team resides in the island nations where we operate. It is a remarkable accomplishment that Warren has built such an effective and cohesive multi-national team with a broad range of technology and software skills.

Warren loves a challenge. He thrives on understanding and determining how to best support the diverse requirements that come with every implementation. As CTO, Warren’s leadership is integral to the operational success of each client program, forging new and better ways to use technology to support the brand mirroring process. The best part of the process is that he is able to accomplish all of this with the help of a top-notch team of IT professionals that continually place the clients’ best interests as the number one factor.

Warren enjoys being part of the Clear Harbor executive team because of shared values that include charity efforts, caring for employees and their families, and priorities around developing individuals, leading with integrity and honesty, and treating customers and employees fairly. Warren believes trust is a key to every successful business relationship. There must always be mutual trust between Clear Harbor and our client stakeholders. Each team member must trust every other team member.  We must keep our commitments and expect that others will keep theirs.

Prior to working at Clear Harbor, Warren worked as a consultant in data communications and mainframes with organizations that include Merrill Lynch and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Shortly after that, he began running IT teams supporting companies that provided call and voice-processing, telecommunications, and other technology services. Warren started several companies during his career, including a cellular engineering consulting and design company as well as an interconnect company that provided enterprise voice and data services. He also spent time providing virtual CTO services to multiple early-stage companies, including Clear Harbor.

Warren enjoys spending time with his wife and his adult children who are establishing their careers in medicine and broadcasting. Warren is an accomplished artist and a huge Clemson fan.