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Fidel Edwards

Chief Operating Officer

Fidel Edwards is a people-centered customer care executive who drives consistent performance, earning the JD Power award for his strategic efforts. During nearly 20 years leading contact centers, Fidel has developed a strong reputation for his ability to reshape customer care organizations and improve performance by creating work environments that are inclusive and collaborative on all levels.

Fidel excels at developing open, effective, center-wide communications and increasing employee motivation through associate development and recognition programs. He strives to connect with people at all levels of the organization, helping individuals and teams develop strengths and set goals for long-term success.

Fidel began his career with Clear Harbor in 2009 as the site director in Dominica and was soon promoted to General Manager of our Dominica operations. In 2012, however, a family emergency called him back to the states. Fidel returned to Clear Harbor as senior vice president of customer experience operations in 2019. He was promoted to executive vice president of customer experience operations in 2021, and to chief operating officer in 2022.

Fidel is ideally suited to lead Clear Harbor operations. He has a passion for building and optimizing call centers, streamlining processes, and implementing supporting technology to reduce expenses, boost productivity, and increase profits. His compassion for people, and his ability to communicate in a positive and developmental way, earned him the respect of all associates under his direction. Fidel has earned that same respect from each client that has worked with Clear Harbor during his tenure.

Fidel is widely regarded for his industry knowledge and creative problem-solving skills. Our clients know that if a program is experiencing declining performance, Fidel will put it back on track. If a daunting business challenge requires a unique or outside-the-box solution, Fidel will make it a reality. Openness, honesty, and full transparency are ideals Fidel lives and operates by each day.

As Chief Operating Officer for Clear Harbor, Fidel provides executive leadership for our Reflection Services organization. An important goal at Clear Harbor is to continually move leaders and associates toward a state of “mastery” that allows them to perform at the highest levels in serving customers. This includes:

  • Creating a deep understanding of each client’s brand vision and desired customer experience
  • Helping employees achieve job satisfaction and career growth
  • Finding and developing new leaders
  • Facilitating a collaborative work environment
  • Anticipating trends that affect our workforce and clients
  • Providing the best technology and tools
  • Creating a data-driven organization, top to bottom
  • Using visual management at all levels

Prior to returning to Clear Harbor, Fidel led another customer care organization to become the first-ever J.D. Power-certified business process outsourcer (BPO), earning himself and the company national recognition. He also held vice president and regional vice president positions for Comcast Communications where he led the company’s largest call center and customer care operations for the eastern region.