Dominica Grenada

Advantages of Our Eastern Caribbean Locations

Dominica Population: 73,000 (est.)
Official Language: English
Getting there: Melville Hall Airport (DOM) can be reached from U.S., U.K and Canadian gateways via connecting service in San Juan, Antigua and Barbados.
Dominica is known as the "Nature Isle of the Caribbean." It is an unspoiled island of volcanic origin with a mountainous interior. The island has many protected tropical rainforests that are home to rare plant, animal, and bird species. The island's natural waterfalls, over 360 rivers and coastal waters attract scuba divers from around the world. The northeastern side of Dominica has some of the most pristine beaches to be found in the Caribbean.

Dominica has a highly educated population with a literacy rate of 94%. Agriculture and world ecotourism are major forces in the local economy, and the interest in ecotourism has made the country a very popular destination. > Back