Why Clear Harbor Detail

Understanding Total Cost of Brand Ownership (TCBO) for a Complete Picture of All Customer Care Outsourcing Costs

Warren Buffett once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” In today’s world of elevated expectations and amplified customer voice, the cost of supporting and succeeding in CX goes far beyond the hourly fee paid to staff a contact center or back-office operation.

Achieving the lowest TCBO encompasses 3 cost dimensions:
oneness, orchestration, and optimization.


Oneness requires precise alignment between a brand and a customer care provider. Brand strategy must be meticulously reflected by client and vendor representatives alike, performing as mirror-images of one another in purpose and execution. Lack of a well-defined and proven process for achieving oneness is a strong indicator things will go badly later on, costing time, money and buyer confidence that is not easily regained.


Consider the costs of not properly orchestrating customer experience operations, including inability to proactively anticipate issues, quickly understand breakage and calibrate performance based on visual cues. If there are management deficiencies, continuity gaps, communication disconnects, consistency fluctuations, etc., the money you save by focusing on price alone could accelerate customer attrition.


If there is no innovative and comprehensive approach to indoctrinating, developing and “optimizing” agents and associates at a level of mastery necessary to become a seamless extension or reflection of the brand, customers will sense a low level of commitment and go elsewhere.
Companies looking to delegate customer care and BPO work must delve deeply beneath sticker price into a service provider’s expertise, methods, practices and protocols.

Businesses who ignore the total cost of brand ownership will bleed market share or fail altogether.

Stop Outsourcing.
Start Mirroring.

Customer-oriented companies with high standards of brand integrity, customer satisfaction and operational excellence benefit from the strategy and brand mirroring disciplines that comprise Clear Harbor Clear Reflection Services.