Precision Reflection Enablement Platform

Clear Reflection Services
Many organizations have in place the core applications (ACD, CRM, call recording, IVR, WFM, etc.) and internal IT infrastructure needed for customer care but if not, Clear Harbor can supply any missing elements.
Additionally, we establish dedicated, secure connectivity between client sites and Clear Harbor operations centers, providing highly resilient and redundant networks with a comprehensive information security and business continuity strategy that encompasses infrastructure, desktops, processes, facilities and people.

Brand-driven Technology Strategy

Reflection Services are enhanced by the talents of a highly-experienced, visionary software engineering team that develops specialized CX intelligence and performance solutions.
The result is an agile, brand-driven CX technology strategythat is flexible, open and scalable while providing world-class security, resiliency and business continuity.
  • Our software solutions team develops elegant applications and tools that support a visual management approach to continuous improvement, performance tracking and analysis.
  • Our reflection platform is optimized for fine-tuning and calibration between Clear Harbor and customer systems. It allows for a tailored, comprehensive technology solution that supports unique business needs, best practices, new opportunities, growth, change management and interoperability.
  • Clear Harbor IT is orchestrated by experienced and creative technology thought leaders directing a multi-level team of highly-trained and certified IT specialists.
  • Privacy and security certifications include PCI, SOC-2, FERPA and HIPAA.

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Stop Outsourcing.
Start Mirroring.

Customer-oriented companies with high standards of brand integrity, customer satisfaction and operational excellence benefit from the strategy and brand mirroring disciplines that comprise Clear Harbor Clear Reflection Services.